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Lieber Besucher,

dies ist eine Kopie der nicht mehr verfügbaren Website Diese Kopie wird von uns weder aktualisiert noch gewartet, ist aber bis auf wenige Ausnahmen funktionsfähig und enthält weiterhin aktuelle Informationen.

Seid ihr zufrieden mit diesem Angebot und möchtet uns unterstützen, wendet euch bitte im Forum an uns. Alternativ könnt ihr uns hier eine Spende zukommen lassen.


Dear visitor,

this is a copy of This copy wont be updated but it's more or less working and all information are up to date.

If you are satisfied with this offer, be so kind and help us running the server by donating here or write us an message directly.

HQ CoH - Dezember 2013



Welcome to

I am Tony, the maker of I hope you have enjoyed reading the website just as I did making it, but all good things must come to an end. Due to real life obligations, I am no longer motivated enough to maintain this website, if you havn't noticed, I havn't updated anything for a long long time. In July 2010, will expire and I have no plans on renewing it. Even if I did, I would not be working on it at all. Once the website has expired, I will not be able to redirect users from it.

I know there are still many players who continues to use the website. CoH is one of the best RTS games I've played. I've planed to use this site ( for my personal stuff but decided that I will continue to host some CoH content here. However, instead of fancy wikis and pictures, all content will be published in Excel format. Considered the wiki "refined" and the spreadsheets "raw".

I know some people will be confused by what they see, with the spreadsheets, there are even more data to look at, even useless entries, perhaps some will appreciate the effort it takes to make everything look nice in pretty tables. The good thing is that everything will be in google docs, so if anyone is interested in editing those spreadsheets, such as filter out the junk info and adding new data on their effects, drop me a PM on or RelicNews and we'll talk. If you think you can make something better out of the data thats available, I'd be happy to send you what I got, and try to host whatever you've made, however don't expect too much active contributions to your projects.

I still need to port the basic guide articles, and write in some of the column headers, but for now, there it is, enjoy!!